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Trail:Angels Staircase

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Name Angels Staircase
Tech Rating icon_favourites.gif icon_favourites.gif icon_favourites.gif icon_favourites.gif
Grunt Rating icon_favourites.gif icon_favourites.gif icon_favourites.gif icon_favourites.gif icon_favourites.gif
Singletrack 0%
Fire road 0%
Paved 0%
Total trail 99 mi.
Alt. change 5000
Latitude: 48.22
Longitude: 120.267717
Nearest medical: Not set yet
Page adopted by: No one yet
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Trail Overview

This classic loop takes you to the highest singletrack in Washington. You spend a lot of time pedaling at 7000 feet, and get as high as 8000 feet. The loop here includes Cooney Lake and Horsehead Pass.

How to find it

Comimng from Winthrop: Highway 20 south, continue through Twisp. Take Highway 153 south heading toward Wenatchee. Keep going through Carlton then turn right on Gold Creek Road. Continue on Gold Creek Road for approx one mile then go right on Forest Road 4340. Crater Creek TH is no longer signed on 4340. After turning onto FR4340, follow past foggy dew CG on the left (do not turn left over the bridge). about 1.5 miles after that, Turn left on spur #300. Follow this uphill 1-2 miles to the trailhead.

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Turn-By-Turn Guide

Directions courtesy of Winthrop Mountain Sports.

Most riders agree that this loop is far better in the clockwise direction.

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