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Trail:Duthie Hill

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Name Duthie Hill
Tech Rating icon_favourites.gif icon_favourites.gif icon_favourites.gif icon_favourites.gif
Grunt Rating icon_favourites.gif icon_favourites.gif
Singletrack 95%
Fire road 5%
Paved 0%
Total trail 6 miles in Phase 1 mi.
Alt. change 130
Latitude: 47.57849433
Longitude: -121.9784545
Nearest medical: Swedish Medical Center, 2005 NW Sammamish RD, Issaquah, WA‎ (425)394-0610
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Important Messages About Duthie

Click here for more info on How To Volunteer


We continue to be blown away by the overwhelming popularity of Duthie. It's awesome, but we never expected it and it's creating a serious parking problem. It's creating a hazard on the roads and a real annoyance for the neighbors, so King County Parks is working hard to solve the problem. Stay tuned.

Please park at one of the following locations:

  • Duthie Hill Lodge lot on the north side of the park at 27101 SE Duthie Hill Rd, Issaquah, WA 98029
  • Cascade Ridge Elementary School at 2020 Trossachs Blvd SE, Sammamish, WA 98075

Please DON'T park...

  • In the Cascade School lot during school hours
  • In the LDS Church lot or at Endeavor Elementary School
  • In the clearing (unless you are working and are specifically authorized to do so)
  • Alongside Duthie Hill Rd or Issaquah-Fall City Rd -- it obstructs visibility for the neighbors and is a hazard
  • In the surrounding neighborhoods (to maintain a good-neighbor relationship)
  • In any private lot.

Thanks very much for your cooperation and patience while we work on a long term parking solution.

Trail Overview

Evergreen is proud to announce the Duthie Hill Mountain Bike Park. This park is located on the Issaquah Plateau, just north of Grand Ridge Park.

The park is a nicely wooded 120 acre forest with rolling terrain and well draining soils. There is a 2.5 acre clearing in the middle, surrounding by second growth forest. Duthie Hill connects with Grand Ridge Park, which already has a 6 mile singletrack trail that connects all the way to I-90 in the south.

Duthie Hill is officially open with phase 1 complete! It includes:

  • 4 flowy XC trails that can be connected into a single 5-6 mile loop
  • 1-2 miles of flowy and technical freeride trails
  • progressive jump lines / flow lines (VIDEO By Walter Yi:
  • tons of practice and skill-building features

King County has provided a Community Partnership Grant and a Youth Sports Facilities Grant to help fund the project. Thanks very much to King County for this awesome opportunity! We will need to find additional funding to fully build Duthie Hill out to its full potential... so your contributions -- financial donations, materials/tools donations and volunteer time -- are vital to the success of the park. We have built a fundraising feature in the center of the park where you will be able to have your name engraved on a tile; see Advocacy below for details.

How To Get Here

Duthie Hill Park is located on the Issaquah Plateau between Issaquah, Sammamish and Fall City. Here are a few maps: How to Get Here Maps. Here is a file you can load into Google Earth and most GPS software: GPS and Google Earth Files.

North Side: Main Park Entrance and Duthie Hill Lodge

The main entrance, parking and the Duthie Hill Lodge address is: 27101 SE Duthie Hill Road, Issaquah, WA 98029. Google maps will get you there. Park in the upper lot -- the lower lot is now reserved for King County staff. To get to the center of the bike park, take the trail that starts across the road from the southeast corner of the parking lot. Follow that dirt trail south as it winds behind the lodge, next to a nursery and to the boardwalk. Continue on the awesome new 600 ft long boardwalk built by Evergreen's awesome volunteers. :) That will lead you back into the woods... just keep following the trail and you'll end up in a large clearing or meadow.

On weekends, overflow parking is at Cascade Ridge Elementary School at 2020 Trossachs Boulevard Southeast (<5 min ride to the north entrance --

South Side: Maintenance Access Road (King County Staff and Volunteer Trail Builders Only)

For volunteers attending a work party, there is a gated maintenance access road entrance at: 26660 Issaquah-Fall City Road, Issaquah, WA 98029. Google maps will get you there. There is a large steel gate and 2 concrete blocks. During work parties, the gate is pulled shut, but is unlocked. Just pull the gate shut behind you and head north up the gravel/dirt road. You'll end up in the main clearing in the center of the park. This gate is locked at all other times - if you are not attending a scheduled work party, do not use the maintenance road as you will be violating the usage agreement and may be locked in!

Warning: There have been break-ins reported at the main Duthie Hill Park Parking lot (north side / boardwalk entrance) and along Issaquah-Fall City Road (south side / gated maintenance only entrance). Please take all valuables with you!

Other Access Options

  • Ride the Grand Ridge trail Trail:Grand Ridge all the way north and it'll take you to the maint access road.
  • Take the ST #554 or Metro #927 bus to the Issaquah Highlands Park & Ride -- then it's about a 3 mile ride to the maint access road.

Please respect the neighbors and don't try to access the park any other way. Please don't use the church parking lot off of Duthie Hill Rd. Thanks very much!

Typical Conditions

Smooth, buff, contoured (flowy!) singletrack with bermed turns. All XC trails have advanced and challenging optional features including logrides, ladders, drops & skinnies.

Intermediate FR lines with medium-sized drops, tables, step-ups, step-downs, and gaps.

FR/DH flowpark with advanced drops, jumps of all shapes and sizes, wallrides, and a pump track.

Practice area with drops of varying height, skinnies, and beginner tables and step-down jumps.

All trails/lines hold up very well in the wet; expect only marginal puddles and slop under even significant rainfall.

Current Conditions

A little wet from recent rain, weather is warming up though Steven.r 22:45, 15 April 2011 (PDT)

Trail Maps

Phase 1 Trail Map

  • The "XC" (cross country) trails can be connected in a 4-5 mile clockwise loop that circumnavigates the 120 acre park.
  • The "Freeride" (technical) trails are shorter and encompass a variety of riding styles and difficulty levels... freeride, SST-like jump lines, flowy downhill and technical downhill segments.


Higher Res Maps

PDF File: File:DuthieFinalPhase1Map0419.pdf

JPG File:

GPX File for Google Earth and GPS Software

Right-Click Here: [Duthie GPX File] and select "Save As..."

This file can be loaded into Google Earth and most GPS software.

Turn-By-Turn Guide

Bootcamp (SE) XC Trail - Green Circle

The main line:

  • One-way CW (clockwise) - find the start at the top of the array of drops, head back and to the right.
  • Flowy, mostly buff with no significant climbs, mostly wide turns with a couple tight climbing turns.
  • Beginners will be challenged, but will have fun riding the entire 1.5mi main line.
  • More advanced riders will find challenge by learning how to pump and carve the entire line without braking... improving turning skills.
  • There is an optional long, skinny logride to the right of the entrance.
  • There are four optional ladders - the middle of which has a challenging exit - to the left of the main line in the first part of the trail.
  • There is an optional challenging skinny up and over a switchback further down.
  • The high point of this trail features the optional Mother Of All Logrides - a (very!) long, twisting, multi-segment logride that can be very challenging to clean in one pass. There is a second entrance to it at the midpoint for beginners to build skills.
  • There is an advanced optional line to the left towards the latter end of the trail, featuring some small jump/drop options and a ladder.

Movin' On (SW) XC Trail - Blue Square

The main line:

  • One-way CW (clockwise) - find the start directly across from the end of the Bootcamp trail (across the maintenance road).
  • Flowy but with more technical sections and some tighter corners.
  • Optional sequence of elevated ladders with steep rollout/drops to the left in the first section.
  • Numerous optional low-lying logrides and skinnies throughout the trail.
  • Larger Schleyer-style optional drop and elevated ladder sequence to the right at the mid-point - don't cut the corners between this optional line and the main line!
  • Optional pair of roller coasters on the right.
  • There is a break in this trail between the first main section and the last climb back up, at the bottom of the flowpark. Follow the gravel trail back into the woods to the right (don't go up the wrong-way of the flowpark lines!) and take the switchbacks back up to the clearing.

Step It Up (NE) XC Trail - Blue Square

The main line:

  • One-way CW (clockwise) - find the start directly to the right of the toolshed area in the clearing.
  • Flowy and very fast, with a number of banked turns and undulations. Some drops.
  • Start of this trail features a few small non-optional drops.
  • Watch for an optional skinny log drop to the right after you flow down a ways.
  • Large, well-elevated optional ladder to the right - hit this to build up speed for the clockwise berm at the bottom!
  • On the first climb, there is an optional ladder to the right, that transitions to a skinny.
  • Watch for a series of three optional downhill logrides to the left, each of increasing challenge. You can bail at the end of each segment, or hit all three and skip the switchbacks.
  • Towards the mid-point of the trail, watch for an optional detour on the right, featuring a tight ladder to elevated logride - this can be tricky.
  • As you climb back up, keep a look out to the left for an optional CCW (counter-clockwise) detour into the "Toilet Bowl" line - a short, challenging, flowy line featuring drops and jumps. Closed currently - and potentially permanently - during reroute.
  • The end of this trail has been re-routed to wind through the bottom section of Big Tree, flowing under some decked gap jumps; stay on course.

Braveheart (NW) XC Trail - Black Diamond

The main line:

  • One-way CW (clockwise) - find the start to the left of the advanced HLC ladder drop across the WTA trailhead in the clearing
  • Tough climbs with technical sections, tight corners and fast downhill flow.
  • Start of this trail features an optional rock garden waterfall!

Ryan's Eternal Flow FR Line - Blue Square

  • One-way downhill - find the start from either the NE XC (about 2/3 down the line) or from the walkup to the east of SE XC entrance.
  • Gateway feature is an elevated ladder drop-in (lefthand fork of the ladder) with rollin option.
  • This line features a table, step-up, small and medium-sized drops, and ladders. All drops are optional.
  • The middle of the line swoops up and down the sides of a gully, for maximum flow and speed - very fun! Don't stop anywhere on this line; riders will be at great speed.
  • Towards the end of the line there is an optional gap step-down.
  • At the bottom, head left to get back into the clearing, or right to pick up on the NE XC 1/3 from the start.

Local Points of Interest

Grand Ridge (to the south)

Soaring Eagle (to the north)

Where to Stay

Where to stay if you're visiting from out of town:

1 bedroom ground floor for rent on beautiful 5 acre property . Borders Duthie Hill Park. Private bathroom with shower, private entrance. kitchen sink, refrigerator, microwave, TV, deck, BBQ, stereo, gas fireplace. There is a private bedroom with 1 bed, and a sofa queen in the common area. Sleeps 1- 3. Rate $75 first person, $50 each additional. Member of the Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance. Subject to availability. For more details email or call Seth at 425-391-5000.

Duthie Hill in the Press

Advocacy Information

Phase 1 of the park was designed and built by the Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance with grant money from King County and aweseome financial and volunteer support from Evergreen members and the mt biking community. Evergreen is now building Phase 2 of the park. We'd love your financial support:

And we need your help at work parties...

How to Volunteer

Sign up for a Work Party or simply stop by and join one of the builders when we are out there...

  1. Organized Duthie Work Parties at -- go here to find and sign up for an organized volunteer work party.
  2. All Duthie Trail Work at -- go here to find out when builders and/or Evergreen staff will be out working at Duthie and just stop by and help whenever you like.

The plan is for an Evergreen staff member to be working out at Duthie on every even day of the month starting on April 18 and continuing through the summer. On weekdays, work will generally run from 1pm to dark. On weekends it'll be from 10am to 2pm. Check the calendar for exact times and to make sure an event hasn't been canceled. Then just show up on any day work is scheduled and call Mike at 425-241-7806 or Kevin Schmuck at 206-335-8361 when you get to the central clearing. Maps and all the info you need should be on this page, but just in case, you can always email Mike at or Kevin at for more info.

Other Info

"How to Get Here" Maps

Dirs2Duthie NandS Map.jpg





Phase 2 Plan

The plan is to build Duthie in 2 phases. Here is the plan for Phase 2:

DuthieTrailPlan0923 lo.jpg

The following will give you an idea of how the 120 park compares to other parks & riding areas:

DuthieSize 0212 Lo.jpg



Check out the entrance boardwalk - very cool. It has been finished since this vid.

JVP's Mother of All Log Rides:


A little bit of everything Duthie:

A Dirt Corps Line Case: