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Trail:Tokul West

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Name Tokul West
Tech Rating icon_favourites.gif icon_favourites.gif
Grunt Rating icon_favourites.gif icon_favourites.gif
Singletrack 50%
Fire road 50%
Paved 0%
Total trail 15 mi.
Alt. change 900
Latitude: 47.569432
Longitude: -121.887431
Nearest medical: Not set yet
Page adopted by: Maarten
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Trail Description

Hancock Timber will be instating a permit for use of these trails starting January 2012 More info here:

Tokul Creek is Hancock Timber commercial working forest with miles of trail. (Please observe their rules on passive recreational use and keep an eye on the Evergreen site for summer closures during droughts.) Unfortunately many of the trails don't connect together, so you have to know your way around the area to know how to ride the forest roads to find the next trail. Very easy to get lost; recommended to go there on a club ride with someone who knows the place.

See also the background page about the Snoqualmie Forest.

“Lower trails” in western-most part are flat and fairly easy. Have very muddy spots after rain. Rest of the area dries out quite well; “upper trails” are more technical but still XC trails, not downhilling trails.

Options to connect to Griffin Creek area (via SVT, 3+ mi) and Tokul East (via SVT or internal roads) as well; riding both Tokul West and East gives a 22-25mi loop.

How to find it

  • Via I-90: I-90 East to the Preston/Fall City Exit (#22). Left off the exit, over the freeway, right at the T, through Preston and Fall City. In Fall City at T with 202, turn right towards Snoqualmie.
  • From Redmond via SR520/SR-202: Alternately, Hwy 520 to Hwy 202 South to Fall City.

In Fall City, cross the bridge and immediately turn left towards Carnation (Hwy 203). There's a lot of road construction going on at this intersection, and several businesses that were here have been demolished (there used to be a garden store, gun shop, and drive-through espresso on the right); on the left is an unpaved parking lot. That's the place.

Here is an aerial view of the parking area.

To access the trails:

Riders report that the traditional access route via SE 39th Place is open; see page history for background.

From Fall City parking lot, ride 200 feet north on Hwy 203 and turn right on SE 39th Place; at the end continue past the gate for a gentle climb up a dirt road to the Snoqualmie Valley Trail. Note that this dirt road - past the gate to just before the SVT - is a public easement on private property. Please be respectful of the property owner - don't stop, keep noise to a minimum and don't leave any litter behind. At the top of the dirt road, turn left (north) onto the SVT. You can take the first singletrack on your right after a few hundred yards and climb (several routes). Easier to find trails if you continue to a steep, loose gravely jeep trail. Stay to the right until you get into older trees, follow switchback to the left to a clearing, go straight across clearing into first of a series of singletrack trails. (The “lower trails”.)

Alternate access: You can park at either the Griffin Creek trailhead or the Tokul East trailhead and ride the SVT rail-trail to Tokul West. Griffin has more parking, and is about a 4 mile (level) ride; parking at Tokul East can be crowded but is a bit closer (roughly 2mi?).

Typical Conditions

West hillside trails dry very fast. "Lower" trails (Bra, Stickerboy, Sgt Wells, etc.) turn into mud bogs. Upper trails (Outback, Steakhouse, etc.) can be a bit wet but hold up quite well.

Current Conditions

Here is the map of areas to be logged in 2012 and 2013.

Trails in superb condition - no dust, no mud, just gobs of traction. Some logging-related destruction occurring and more on the way. R1de 23:00, 18 October 2011 (PDT)

Don't ride the Kamikaze Trail. It deteriorates 1/2-way down and disappears.

Turn-By-Turn Guide

Here are directions for a sample ride, leaving from the from the gravel parking lot in Fall City (see driving directions below). These directions are written from memory and untested; it's a large area and easy to get lost out at Tokul West.

From the parking lot, ride 200 feet north on Hwy 203 and turn right on SE 39th Place; at the end continue past the gate for a gentle climb up to the Snoqualmie Valley Trail. When you hit the T, turn left.

With a few hundred feet, take the first trail on the right. Climb over a log and go up. Ignore the first trail to your right. You will climb to a Y, stay right on the old road bed. That's "Lower Pink Ribbon". Take that all the way up to a junction. Veer left (uphill, old road). Another junction, go right. As you are climbing this old road, you will see a trail on your right. Take that. "Ridge Bypass". When it Ts into another trail, turn left and you will climb out to a road. Take that road (straight) to a T and go left. There may be some logging along here as of April 2007? Take that to another T and go right. Ignore road 30340 on your left and take the next road on your left. You will cross a creek where the road was dug up. Stay on that road going at least half a mile. You'll pass two trails on your left. Before the road bends be looking for a trail on the left and another one directly across from it on the right. Take the trail (Upper Outback) on the right and it should be a tough short climb then level off. This trail can be very mucky after rain.

Follow it until it exits onto an overgrown forest road. Turn right and follow the road; it'll eventually turn back into a trail. Follow this one (Mousetrap) till you exit onto the road--the same you were just on.

Turn right and ride back up the road to the spot with a trail on the left and right where you previously went right. This time, take the trail on the left.

About 20ft in take the left at the Y (onto Outhouse) until you hit a T with another trail. Make a left (Steakhouse) and climb back up until you exit onto the same road you were just on.

Turn left and ride back up to the first trail on the left. 20ft in take the right (Outback); this is where you want to pick up the pace and enjoy the flow of this trail.

When you come to a T stay to the right; trail will soon make a sharp left turn and climb a fairly straight line to a Y. Turn right and follow it out to a large intersection.

Turn right; you'll soon hit a dug out creek where the trail swings right and drops into the creek; on the other side, you'll find yourself on a road. Stay on the road to the second spur on the right--usually you'll see lots of bike tracks taking that turn. Follow them, until you find a trail entry at the end of the road. This is the top of Full Bench.

Follow the trail through five switchbacks, downhill, out of the mature trees, through new growth, until it turns into a road then comes to a T with another road.

You're now in the area called the "Lower Trails". Turn right and take the first clear trail on left (Black Bear). (If you find something horrendously overgrown, then you turned 50ft too soon.)

Exiting Black Bear, turn left then take the trail on the right (Stickerboy) Exit onto a road, turn right, go a few hundred feet, and then take the trail on the left (Sgt Wells). Cross a road, continue straight (unnamed trail). Exit this trail and you should see the next trail straight ahead; this one has bras hanging in the trees, and is called the Bra trail. (Directions may be slightly off here; isn't there an unnamed trail section before you get to the bras?) When the trail makes a hard left turn with a spur trail going off to the right in the bend, ignore the spur.

You'll exit into a clearing (usually has campfire remains); take the trail straight ahead; stay left ignoring spur to the right. Follow it back down to the SVT rail-trail.

Turn left and go about 300 feet (?) to find on the right the road you came in on.

This route hasn't been measured but should be about 12 miles and have about 1500 ft of climbing.

Local Points of Interest

A decent place for post-ride beers is the Last Frontier Saloon in Fall City. The staff can be surly (frankly, part of the appeal) and there's usually crazy locals in there, but it's reasonably priced pub food with a decent beer selection on tap. The Roadhouse across the street from the Last Frontier is a good stop for a full meal, with good beer on tap to boot.

Misc. Information

Advocacy Information

Tokul West is a part of Hancock's Snoqualmie Forest, a 100,000 acre tree farm. King County has purchased most of the development rights for this forest, but the trails on the lower western plateau (Sgt. Wells, Monster, etc.) are zoned residential and will be homes some day.

Unofficial map of Tokul Creek zoning and Development Rights sale