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Trail:Victoria Tract

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Name Victoria Tract
Tech Rating icon_favourites.gif icon_favourites.gif
Grunt Rating icon_favourites.gif icon_favourites.gif icon_favourites.gif
Singletrack 80%
Fire road 30%
Paved 0%
Total trail 25-30 mi.
Alt. change 1500 (?)
Latitude: 48.268005
Longitude: 122.209725
Nearest medical: Hospital in Arlington (?)
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Trail Overview

Victoria Tract is part of the Pilchuck Tree Farm riding area, which consists of the Victoria, Armstrong, and Pilchuck Tracts. Victoria Tract is open seasonally from May 1st to October 31st.

Most of the trails were built by equestrians, so be nice to any horsey people you may encounter.

There are 25-30 miles of singletrack, maybe more, as well as a lot of fireroads at Victoria Tract. Trails like the Ridge Trail are extremely hard/buffed with some bermed turns and small bumps/jumps, while other trails (like those in the area below 300th St) can be extremely primitive at times. It is quite possible to spend the large majority of your ride on singletrack if you choose your route wisely.

The Pilchuck Tree Farm does not allow anyone to publish maps of Victoria Tract. Don't ask for a map at the PTF office - they don't like it when you do that and they don't have 'em anyway. There is a map of VT in Santos book, but it is extremely inaccurate - you would be better off exploring without it.

Night riding is not permitted in Victoria Tract (unless you sign a waiver with PTF's land manager.)

How to find it

The official parking area is a dirt lot, which also contains a port-a-potty and an iron ranger for donations, near the Pilchuck Glass School entrance. Take I-5 to the 300th St NW Exit (#215), turn right on 300th St NW, left on English Grade Rd, right on 316th Ave NW, then left at the sign for the Pilchuck Glass School (12th Ave NW). Park in the dirt lot on the left shortly before the road ends in a gate.

Trails start from the northwest corner of the lot, as well as from the roads north, then east from the lot. There are also trailheads north and south from the end of 300th St - most who start from these will ride north from this area. Please do not disturb the neighbors if you use these trailheads.

Typical Conditions

Early in the season trails tend to be pretty wet and this place takes a while to dry out. Best conditions are likely in July or August.

Current Conditions

7/3/2011 Trails are wet and destroyed from overuse by large horse groups. The only trail that was not stomped out was the ridgeline. It’s going to need least two weeks of really dry weather to fix the damage. And the two bridges trail is unrideable.

Current Conditions

The trail system is drying out quickly and is in great shape! Edie's Trail flows nicely now. The singletrack south of Edie's and Funny Boy that takes you back to the cars is now gone due to logging over the winter. Nettles are prevalent, so hold your line here. The "new" trail, "Stump Fiesta", needs a lot of work as there's very little flow to it this month. Our group found it frustrating and not worthwhile. The gravel-covered connector on the west side of the sculpture area up to Stump Fiesta has a poorly-built switchback in it; nearly unrideable. Designed for horses and bipeds! Lame! Dan 17:53, 20 May 2008 (PDT)

Made the mistake of starting on the "Bridges" trail (you head east from the parking area on a forest road and then climb on trail towards the south end of the Ridge trail)--got the bike covered in sludge and mud in the first 20 minutes. It was muddy and puddly overall, admittedly it rained a bit in the past 48 hours. Came out with a very very muddy bike. Also plenty of nettles on some trails--was wishing I had tights on. Maarten 18:07, 30 June 2007 (PDT)

Would someone please edit the direction to the 316th location.


Local Points of Interest

Both the Conway Tavern (in Conway!) and Skagit River Brewing (in Mt Vernon) are great places for a post ride meeting... they are both north on I-5 from Victoria Tract, but the extra distance is worth the trip.

Misc. Information

PRA's Pilchuck Tree Farm Info, History, and Guidelines

Bikers yield to horses and announce your presence when approaching horses from behind to keep from spooking the horses and riders.

Advocacy Information

The land owner is the Pilchuck Tree Farm. Riding there is a priviledge, certainly not a right, although the land manager is pro-mountain bike. Most of the trails were built by equestrians and maintained in large part by the PRA (Pilchuck Riders Association) Please help by leaving a donation at the box in the parking area. This helps with maintaining the trails and recreational area.