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Trail:Big Finn Hill Park

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Washed out bridge.jpg
Name Big Finn Hill Park
Tech Rating icon_favourites.gif icon_favourites.gif
Grunt Rating icon_favourites.gif icon_favourites.gif
Singletrack 0%
Fire road 0%
Paved 0%
Total trail 99 mi.
Alt. change 999
Latitude: 47.725237399616
Longitude: -122.230861186981
Nearest medical: Not set yet
Page adopted by: No one yet
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Trail Overview

This network of trails is typically ridden in conjunction with St Edward State Park. The trails are primarily rolling singletrack and are all considered multi-use.

Local riders in conjunction with Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance, King County Parks, and the Denny Creek Neighborhood Association have established a plan to make improvements to the trails beginning in June 2010. These will include a new bridge to cross Denny Creek, a number of trail improvements, a small skills area to replace illegal jumps, and signage. (See below for more project info.)

How to find it

Many riders park at St Edward State Park and work their way south through the park. You can also park near the Big Finn ball fields at Juanita Drive and NE 138th Street

Typical Conditions

Big Finn gets a fair amount of year-round use and while it drains fairly well there are wetland areas that should be avoided during wet periods. The work we are doing this summer will address some of these and based on the success of the program we hope to expand the scope of our plan to improve drainage and build a small number of bridges/boardwalks where appropriate

Current Conditions

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Quite a bit of "brownie mix" from last nights rain. Very surprising as I rode the west side saturday and didn't even need to clean my bike off. One big surprise today was the disappearance os the gravity jumps on the lower east side...what a bummer!

Turn-By-Turn Guide

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Local Points of Interest

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Misc. Information

Evergreen volunteers are preparing to kick off a summer project at Big Finn Hill Park!

Evergreen has identified some specific trail repairs, improvements, and safety issues that need to be addressed near-term. We will work with King County and the local community to address these issues and continue maintaining and enhancing the park's trail network in the years to come. We will also foster closer coordination between King County and Washington State Parks on maintaining the trail network shared with Saint Edward State Park, initially including a common approach to mapping, naming and signing trails.


  1. Work with King County Parks management and the local community (primarily through the Denny Creek Neighborhood Alliance) on a multi-year program to repair, maintain and enhance trails in the park for all users.
  2. Raise between $4,000 and $5,000 to buy materials for volunteer-powered projects for 2010-2011
  3. Host four large work parties between mid-June and mid-October 2010 with smaller ad hoc events on an as-needed basis.


  1. Rebuild the marginal bridge over the upper reach of Denny Creek with a permanent structure designed to support expected pedestrian and mountain bike use, and site it to avoid damage by wet-season flooding. This project also will include stream bank restoration/replanting on both sides of the creek. State and King County regulations (and specific conditions of Programmatic Permit L09CG158 covering all improvements within Big Finn Hill Park) require that this work be accomplished from June to October; therefore, this project will be the focus of our efforts during Summer, 2010, and will begin as soon as fundraising approaches the $2,000 level.
  2. For 2010-2011, adopt the trail segment leading into the park from the south boundary of Saint Edward State Park and following Big Finn Hill's perimeter along NE. 138th Place and 72nd Avenue NE. Begin repairing wet spots and replacing user-built features such as log piles with technical trail features approved by King County which offer cyclists technical challenges compatible with the trail's shared use with pedestrians. Add some flow to the trail reminiscent of 'Boot Camp.'
  3. For 2010-2011, work with King County Parks, Saint Edward State Park and the community to develop a unified signage standard for trails in both parks. Develop names for, and place signs on, at least the major trail segments in Big Finn Hill Park.
  4. During 2010, begin the process with King County Department of Transportation, City of Kirkland, and any other public agencies necessary, to link the east and west segments of the park with a marked crossing on Juanita Drive NE. (this may involve a slight trail reroute on the east side of the road).
  5. During 2010-2011, begin site planning and design of beginner-level technical trail features, and safe routing for through-traffic of pedestrians and cyclists, for the large clearing in the northwest part of the park. Historically, unauthorized construction of jumps and other features in this and other locations in the park, primarily by high school and junior high school students, has resulted in resource damage and user conflict. This project will include outreach to local schools to get students involved in responsible and officially sanctioned trail projects in the park. Think 'Luna Lines.'
  6. During the Spring/Summer of 2010 conduct one or more work parties to brush trails on the east and west sides of Juanita Drive. The trail abutting Finn Hill Junior High, going from the jump area east to 84th Ave. NE, appears particularly overgrown as of May, 2010.


  1. Watch the site for work party postings. We need your help!
  2. Donate to the cause. We need to acquire building materials to kick off the project and will need dollars to do so. Send your donation to and 100% of the proceeds will be used for materials for this location.
  3. Tell your friends. Do you live in the area? Do you ride at St Eds/Big Finn? Do you want more great trails in the metro area? Help us spread the word!

Advocacy Information

If you are interested in getting involved with the current Big Finn project please contact and put "Big Finn" in the subject line